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sewer repair

Routine Sewer Inspection and Repair in Indianapolis

When your pipes are clogged or running too slowly, it can be difficult to assess how extensive you need the repairs to be. Gurney J. Bush, Inc. in Indianapolis offers an innovative sewer inspection technique in order to discover the exact cause and extent of the problem. Sewer video inspection is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is very simple to carry out. We run a TV camera for sewer inspection through the troublesome pipes and pinpoint exactly what is causing the issue. The benefits of this service are that it takes the guesswork out of fixing your plumbing, and it can be used to detect almost any problem. Once we determine the problem, one of our experienced technicians can clean or repair the line.

Common Issues for Homes and Businesses

Numerous issues are capable of happening within your pipe lines. The joints that seal the pipes together can start to leak over time. Pipes can corrode and deteriorate as they get older.

It is also possible for tree roots to infiltrate your system and cause an extensive amount of damage to your pipes. As the environment outside changes, your pipes can break, crack or collapse as a result of the soil shifting or the ground freezing over. Blockages can develop when too much grease or hair gets caught within the system. Cast-iron line detection might be needed if you have an older cast-iron sewer system that is prone to developing rust.

Serving Central Indiana

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, you need to be certain that your sewer system is functioning effectively. If it is not, then you need to get a plumber from Gurney J. Bush, Inc. to inspect it with a high-quality video camera. Call us at 317-634-4844 to get started. We have been helping the people of Indianapolis and central Indiana since 1973, and we can help you, too!