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septic tank pumping

Need Your Septic Tank Pumped in Indianapolis?

You should get a septic tank pumping once every two to three years, but far too many people make the mistake of waiting much longer. You should never wait until there are signs of leakage to get a septic tank cleaning. When you require prompt treatment, Gurney J. Bush, Inc. in Indianapolis is the company to call. Regular maintenance needs to be performed so unpleasant odors do not escape from the tank. A routine inspection of your property should tell you concretely whether your tank needs service.

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Several warning signs that your septic tank has failed include wet spots in your lawn, strange scents, slowly draining sinks and toilets, and gurgling noises coming

from your drains. Regular care is essential because a failing system can pollute the surrounding environment, reduce your home’s resale value and endanger the health of your family. Not to mention, the longer you wait to repair it, the more expensive it is going to end up being. You will most likely benefit more from a professional service because many over-the-counter products do not work efficiently. Many products kill all the bacteria within the system, including the good ones that you need so the system works as it should. We can adequately maintain and fix your tank so all of these issues can be avoided, and you will not have to deal with any potentially disastrous problems.

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If you own a residential, commercial or industrial property, you can benefit from our expertise. All you need to do to get started is call us at 317-634-4844.  We also offer gas line repair and drain cleaning in Indianapolis and everywhere throughout central Indiana.