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Grease Trap Cleaning in Indianapolis

Many restaurants and other food service establishments need to have a grease pit so oils, greases and parts of food will be prevented from entering the local sewer system. When this gets too full, you are going to need an effective grease trap cleaning in Indianapolis; Gurney J. Bush, Inc. is the company to trust with the job. We service a number of buildings, whether they are restaurants or commercial or industrial properties. Grease pit pumping is essential in preventing harmful substances from leaking out, so contact us regularly for cleanup.

We can work together with you to set up a regular schedule of when one of our workers will come by your business to clean out and maintain your grease trap. The grease/water ratio will be measured and all debris will be cleared out. The trap will be thoroughly scraped and cleaned so no issues develop in the future. Any minor repairs can be taken care of before they grow into something more severe. The date and amount of waste removed will be noted, and we will transport your waste to a state-approved facility. If your business requires a much larger trap, we can install an interceptor, which is a similar device but is capable of holding much more waste. Digesters can also be installed.

grease trap cleaning

Call Us for Regular Maintenance in Central Indiana

Never neglect your grease trap; have it routinely cleaned and checked so you can have peace of mind. You can call us at 317-634-4844. We offer a variety of beneficial services, including septic tank pumping and sewer inspection. We work with businesses in Indianapolis and all over central Indiana, so do not hesitate to give us a call for any plumbing issues you might have.