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The Top 3 Reasons for Clogged Drains

bathroom sink

Clogged drains can lead to serious damage of your property. It’s important to know the most common causes of clogs so you can avoid them and spot blockages before they worsen. These are the top three culprits.

Grease and Fat

Grease and fat poured down the kitchen sink are at the top of the list. They stick to the sides of the pipe, causing its diameter to narrow until nothing can pass through at all. Throw grease and fat away in the trash instead of down the sink.


Hair is a huge contributor of bathroom drain clogs. Whether your hair is long or short, the strands you lose while showering and shaving build up quickly. They also trap other debris and soap scum so the blockage becomes worse. Use a device to catch the hairs, and clear the drains after you shower and shave by wiping up the hairs and throwing them away.

Foreign Objects

Only a few specific items are meant to be washed or flushed down the pipes. The toilet is often the most affected by foreign objects. Feminine products, baby wipes, and too much toilet paper all cause clogs. Even dental floss can get caught and build up over time. Keep a trash can near the toilet to avoid these things getting flushed. Also, keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed so little children don’t put their toys and other items in the toilet.

If you remember to properly dispose of grease, fat, hair and trash, you will prevent the majority of drain blockages. To learn more about how to keep your pipes clear or for drain cleaning, call Gurney J. Bush, Inc. in Indianapolis.