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Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own a restaurant or work in one, you know that lot of fat, oil and grease ends up going down the building's drains. For this reason, every restaurant has a grease trap in its sewage system that has the specific job of catching these elements to prevent clogs. However, regularly cleaning grease interceptors is very important and offers several benefits.

It Prevents Buildup

If too much fat, oil and grease—known as FOG in the industry—builds up in the grease trap, the system could become clogged, leading to a reduction in functionality. Regular cleaning ensures your restaurant remains clean and safe.

Helps the Environment

Without proper cleaning, the FOG in a grease trap can seep into water lines and travel to the local water supply. Grease in the water supply is not only gross, but is also a health hazard.

Ensures You Stay Open for Business

Backups are one of the most common problems associated with buildup of FOG in the grease interceptor. As the interceptor becomes too full, the fat and oil will begin to travel back up the drain, leading to messes that are expensive to clean up and require you to close your doors while you do so.
How often your property needs to clean the grease trap depends on how large your building is, the type of food you serve, how much business you do and how much the trap can hold. To have yours cleaned today, call Gurney J. Bush, Inc. in Indianapolis at 317-634-4844.